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4 Mould Cone Pizza Forming Machine Supplier In China

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Cone pizza forming machine advantages:
1. Making pizza cone with different shapes and sizes.
2. Food grade stainless steel,mould material is aluminum, the surface is insulation material, prevent sticking cone.
3. Demension of cone:65*150*3mm
4. The tempreture can be adjusted according the differnt demands of customer.
5. Produce thousands of pizza cone  in one day.
6. The machine has automatical alarm device.
7.Full automatic, intelligent, easy to operate, simple to use.
8.Detected by the National Food Service Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the pizza cone machine is qualified , stable, energy-saving and high efficient.

Cone pizza machine supplier:
This model of cone pizza machine can make conical pizza. The pizza cone could be hold in hand like the ice cream. It is fast and convenient food. The new type pizza cones owns good appearance, and is as delicious as the traditional pizza. What more it is easy to be made, without hiring professional cook, saving lots of cost. Thus, the price of it becomes more acceptable to many people. Besides, it is easy to take it, you could have a taste when ever and where ever you want.
cone pizza forming machine

Technical Data

Name Forming machine Oven Show Case
Voltage   220v--110V  
Power 1.8KW 2KW 0.62KW
Packing size 620*430*1050mm 920*520*600mm 530*530*390mm
Packing weight 55kg 50kg 25kg



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