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Cone Making Machine Price

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Cone making machine description:
The ice cream crispy pastry machine USES flour as the raw material to produce the beautiful edible puffed egg cup, which is ideal for ice cream or other similar food containers and supporting equipment.
The egg's machine and series products of the company, the same variety of mold can replace each other use, and can be used to match a variety of egg shaped mould configuration, for the use of exchange, and achieve different shapes of egg production function. Ice cream cone machine design humanization, simple operation, convenient and practical.
cone making machine manufacturer
Operation process of ice cream cone machine:
1. Place the machine flat on the horizontal surface and not tilt.
2. Connect the power, set the upper and lower mold temperature, and then wait for the temperature to rise.
3. After the temperature rises, it will be pulled up and closed.
4. Pour into the pulp, then close together with the bottom mould. After about 1 to 2 minutes, the cone can be formed.
Pull up the top and pull it off. The cone will automatically fall into the lower passage and slip out.
6. Repeat the above process and finally clean up and down the mold, keep clean, then unplug the power.
cone making machine price
The features of cone making machine:
Our wafer cream cone can be divided into manual, semiautomatic and automatic. The main models are 2, 4, 10, 12, 24, 32, 40, 60 and 60 fully automatic.
The ice cream cone equipment adopts the high quality electrical components, which can be produced efficiently, and the equipment is solid and reliable. The company has a complete, scientific and international standardized quality management system. To be recognized by the industry with integrity, strength and product quality. Welcome friends to visit our factory visit, guidance and business negotiations.
Cone making machine manufacturer:
Gelgoog Machinery Co., LTD. Is an ice cream cone equipment manufacturing enterprise which is developed, produced and sold in one. We are located in Henan province, Zhengzhou city, convenient transportation. Our equipment mainly includes wafer cream cone machine, sugar cone machine, pizza cone machine, egg tart machine, wafer biscuit production line, ice cream cone production line and so on.

Technical Data

Model GG60A
Capacity 1800-2000pcs/h
Quantity of Moulds 60
Baking Time 1-2mins
Power 26.8KW
Voltage 380V
Dimension 1550*100*2000mm
Net Weight 1400kg



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