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Commercial Ice Cream Cone Biscuit Machine|Cone Making Machine Price

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Product Description:
Automatic Ice cream cone machine for the production of raw materials to produce delicious appearance edible extruded egg tray, is the ideal ice cream or other similar food containers and ancillary equipment.
The company's cone machines and products, the same species of molds can be replaced with each other, and can press a machine with a variety of egg tray shape of the mold configuration, for the exchange of use, to achieve the production of different shapes egg tray function. Ice cream cone machine design humane, easy to operate, convenient and practical.
automatic ice cream cone machine
Operation process of commercial cone making machine:
1. Place the machine on a level surface without tilting.
2. Connect the power, set the upper and lower mold temperature, and then wait for the temperature to rise.
3. After the temperature rises, the mold is pulled up, the mold closed.
4. Pour into the paddle material, and then the upper mold is pressed and the lower mold is closed, and after about one to two minutes, the cone can be formed.
5. Pull up the mold, the mold opened, the cone will automatically fall into the channel below and slide out.
6. Repeat the above process, the last time not in use, clean the upper and lower mold, keep clean, then unplug the power.

Technical Data

Model GG-32C
Capacity 800-1000pcs/h
Power 15kw
Voltage 380V/220V
Machine size 880*800*1380mm
Packing size 900*1000*1540mm
Net Weight 450kg
Gross Weight 510kg



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