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Pizza Cone Molding Machine With Factory Price

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Pizza Cone Making Machine Introduction:
The GG cone pizza machine is a commercial pizza cone machine that specializes in making hand-grabbing pizzas (also known as egg-barrel pizza, cookies, pizza, hand-held pizza, hand-rolled pizzas, and a cookie-cone-like pizza, can be made out of flavored pie-cone pizza, Ken's winning cone pizza, Pizza Hut cone pizza, and cookie cone pizza.
pizza cone machine price
This product all stainless steel casing combined with aluminum alloy mold, the appearance of simple and generous, with a food-grade pizza tube mold, insulating materials to prevent mold sticking to the cone. According to different formula to adjust the upper and lower mold temperature of the pizza barrel, the whole automatic operation, disposable can produce 4 cone. Equipped with automatic alarm device, product quality and stability, through the CE and iso:9001-2008 and other international standards certification, safe and reliable, widely applicable to restaurants, sugar Cone pizza shop, pizza self-help, pizza delivery, pastry room, amusement park take-away and other major catering industry.

The application of pizza cone molding machine:
The equipment is suitable for Western restaurant equipment, cake room equipment, snack food factory equipment, tea restaurant equipment, bakery equipment, beverage shop equipment, coffee shop equipment, coffee shop tea shop snack shop, pedestrian street playground take-away.
pizza cone molding machine
1. The mold material is the special aluminum alloy material, the surface is the insulating material, prevents to stick the pizza cone.
2. Pizza barrel Mould Size: 68mmx140mmx5mm.
3. Can adjust the temperature of the upper and lower mode according to the guest needs.
4. The upper and lower mode temperature of the pizza cone mould can be adjusted according to different formula.
5. Automatic alarm device inside the machine.

Technical Data

Model GG40A
Capacity 40pcs/time
Pizza Cone Size Height12cm*dia.5cm*Thickness 5mm
Baking time 1-2min
Material of Machine Cast Iron Mould,Machine covered with carbon plate and stainless steel plate
Voltage 380V
Power 15-18KW
Dimension 1080*800*1440mm
Packing Size 1170*970*1550mm
Gross Weight 680kg



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