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Sugar Cone Machine South Africa|Waffle Sugar Cone Baking Machine

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Introduction of waffle sugar cone machine:
This cone equipment is often used as a snack food factory equipment, frozen food factory equipment and so on. Is a more economical and practical egg cylinder equipment.
The GGTT25 type full automaticsugar cone baking machine provides a sugar cone for the next process of filling the ice cream. It will be placed on the first surface paste baking sheet and bake chips and automatically rolled into a cone, and then shaping, detachment and collection. It is the main equipment of the production line, its performance is superior, and it has reached the level of international similar products.

In order to meet market demand, our company produces fully automatic cones baking machine has the following models, 25,30,36,40, working principle and the previous 25 models are the same, are the fabric on the baking sheet roasted Into a chip after rolling into a conical, and then stereotypes, separate.
waffle sugar cone machine
Related matters of sugar cone baking machine:
1. On the freight commitments: Our product prices do not contain any freight taxes and commissioning and installation costs, are the machine price. Because delivery is not the same as the delivery location is not the same, ordinary logistics and express freight rates are not the same, to each place of the freight is also different, so the factory according to the buyer's shipping method and the place of receipt Determine the shipping price to ensure the final transaction price.
2. On the product picture: This product picture according to the actual machine shooting, due to the camera shooting and the actual product will inevitably have color error, all in kind prevail.
3. On the receipt of goods: when receiving, be sure to open the package in front of the courier or shipping company staff inspection of goods lost or damaged in the transport process do not sign should be returned, or to the shipping company to claim.If the receipt Can not be issued after the case of the goods were lost or damaged, the loss caused by the transport need buyers at their own expense!
4. On the receipt of confirmation: After receipt of the goods, be sure to confirm the receipt on the day, late malicious delays, as the initiative to give up after-sales service, quality problems in the future, manufacturers are not ignored.
sugar cone baking machine

Technical Data

Model GGTT25
Voltage 380V
Power 1.5Kw
Gas consumption 4Kg/h (4.2m³/h)
Compressed air pressure 0.6MPa
Weight 3000Kg
Machine Size(mm) 3200*2700*1900
Product size(22.5degree) caliber 42-48mm
length 100-115mm
capacity 2500pcs/h



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