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Automatic Wafer Biscuit Processing Line

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wafer biscuit processing line
Details of Automatic Wafer Biscuit Processing Line:
The wafer biscuit processing line is GELGOOG Machinery Manufacturer's main products. It prodce the wafer biscuits with high quality is the ideal equipment to make the biscuits. The baking oven has 39 baking plates and is heated by gas. 

Features of Wafer Biscuit Machine:
a. Full automatic controlled, easier operation and save the labor costs(only need 5 workers to operate the machines).
b. According to HACCP design,with high production effeciency, Stable and reliable operation, long service life.
c. Special energy conservation design, reduce energy consumption.
d. The motors, bearings, PLC and other components adopt international and chinese famous brand.
e. All parts contacting with the food are made from SUS304 Stainless steel and food-grade materials.
f. Making high quality wafer biscuits,the percent of pass (clear design, plump wafer, baked evenly) after the broken wafer collecting machine is up to 98%.
g. Have CE, ISO9001:2000, FM certifications.
h. Provide the best service and perfect after sale service.

Technical Data

  name quantity
1 Flat automatic gas heating oven 1
2 Splicing machine 1
3 Wafer sheet cooling machine 1
4 Cream spreading machine 1
5 Wafer cutting machine 1
6 Blender Machine 1
7 Cream mixer 1
8 Swashing Machine 1
9 Air compressor 1



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