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Wafer Biscuit Production Line

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wafer biscuit production line
Introduction of wafer biscuit production line:
The wafer biscuit production line is a fully automatic  27 mould wafer production equipment, is a kind of small wafer biscuit production equipment, it is main used in the production of various types of high-quality wafer biscuit, the capacity of about 2.18 tons/24 hours, is a product made by our company for small businesses, this type of wafer line adopts advanced foreign technology, and with improvement and innovation, after years of development, has been very mature and reliable.
wafer biscuits
The features of wafer biscuit making machine:
1. The mold of the oven is 27 molds, the mould frame is nodular cast iron, the baking sheet is heat resistant cast iron, the standard baking plate is 325*470 mm.
2. Power transmission mechanism and walking wheel are granted national patent.
3. PID automatic temperature control, wafer color is uniform.

Technical Data

Equipment Name Power
Batter Mixer 4.5Kw
Gas Baking Oven 5.52Kw
Wafer sheet connecting machine 0.18Kw
Vertical-type wafer sheet cooler 0.37 Kw
Sheet Collecting Machine 0.18Kw
Cream spreading machine 2.24Kw
Vertical cooling tower 1.21Kw
Cold Blower 10.75Kw
Laminator/Transportation system 0.18Kw
Mechical Cutting Machine 0.75Kw
Distributing machine  
 Separating conveyor 0.18Kw
Cream Mixer(with water jacket) 5.05Kw
Smashing machine 3Kw



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