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27 Mould Wafer Biscuit Making Machine|Automatic Wafer Biscuit Plant

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wafer biscuits
Introduction of wafer biscuit making machine:
Full-automatic wafer biscuit making machine is designed and manufactured according to the facts of domestic biscuit manufacturing industry and absorbing the most well-known wafer production lines of many oversea manufacturers, which features reliable performance, compact structure, small occupation, high yield, lower energy consumption, convenient maintenance, simple operation. It consists of baking oven, cooling tower, sheet picking machine, cream spreading machine, cooling cabinet, cutting machine, batter mixer, cream mixer and smash machine. The driven motors adopt SEW Germany, the bearings use SKF Fracne. Operating system uses PLC programing to make the process automated and easy control.

GELGOOG Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a professional equipment manufacturer of wafer biscuit production lines, with many years of experience in making wafer production lines. Our products are sold to more than 30 countries around the world with many clients. With excellent performance and perfect after-sales service, our product has won the trust and support of all our customers.

Technical Data

Equipment Name Dimension
Batter Mixer 1720*1200*930 4.5
Gas Baking Oven
6740*1600*2260 5.52
Wafer sheet connecting machine 1050*700*940 0.18
Vertical-type wafer sheet cooler LPL 3250*700*2780 0.37 
Sheet Collecting Machine 2000*700*825 0.18
Cream spreading machine 3000*1160*1300 380V-2.24
Vertical cooling tower 3140*1160*2700 1.21
Cold Blower 2200*1100*1800 10.75
Laminator/Transportation system 1115*700*870 0.18
Mechical Blade-type Cutting Machine 2000*1700*880 0.75
Distributing machine    
 Separating conveyor 1840*850*1350 0.18
Cream Mixer(with water jacket) 1830*700*1240 5.05
Smashing machine 670*660*1200 3



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